Arduino Programming: stuff we forget

This post will probably grow over time as I add suggestions from you guys. I see a lot of posts online from Arduino enthusiasts who want to build one thing or another. It’s easy to think of which Arduino version you need and the sensors, actuators, etc. The problem is that we forget all the small, incidental things and those costs can add up. When you’re making up your Bill of Materials (BOM), it helps to remember all this “extra” stuff you might not think of right off the bat so you get a good idea of what it will all cost.

So, what do makers/builders often forget?

  • Power. You need a power supply if you’re not planning on keeping your project connected to a USB port. And sometimes even if you are, you’ll need extra power to drive that motor, or multiple supply voltages because you can’t/won’t use a regulator
  • Enclosure. Is it going to be outside? Probably need a NEMA4-rated box. Even if it’s kept inside, a pretty enclosure is a great way to finish up your project and make it look professional.
  • Wire. Yep, something as basic as wire can really add up, especially if you need multiple gauges or ratings
  • Connectors. Round is better. Drilling holes is easy even with cheap tools. Making square, trapezoidal or just plain weird shaped holes is not. Well, not unless you have a machine shop at your disposal. If you do, maybe we can help each other!
  • Tools. Can you drill all the hole sizes you need?