Single Channel Counter for PC Serial Port

The PRT232 counter will count input signals from pushbuttons, optical sensors (e.g., count items on a conveyor belt) or digital inputs and record counts into the millions. It also has three digital inputs for monitoring on/off states and switch inputs and an additional 8 high power outputs for controlling relays, solenoids or small DC motors. All of this is controlled from an RS232 serial port on your PC or with a USB-to-Serial interface cable.

You can get data from the counter using our example software provided or write your own in Windows or Linux using languages such as C#, Visual Basic or C++. Example software is provided here.

Link to serial port counter unit.


Screen shot of our Count Display application (available free on github) that displays the current count and has a feature to reset it. You can use the example source code as is or to build a more complex application.

If you do  not have software developers available to do this, please contact us for a quotation on having a custom application built to your particular needs.