12V DC Pumps

This is a DC pump that provides over 3 liters/minute flow at a maximum of about 3 psi with a 12 volt DC supply. It will fill a 2-liter soda bottle in less than 40 seconds.


This is a centrifugal impeller pump. It works by admitting water into the center of a set of impeller blades that are spinning at high speed. The blades force the water outward and push it towards the output ports.

Centrifugal pumps are very reliable and can be run into a closed circuit without damage. That means that if you are building a system of piping with valve to control the flow, the pump can be run safely even if all the valves are closed and there is no flow.

You must be careful, however, to not let the pump run dry. The liquid provides a certain amount of cooling to prevent the pump overheating. If the pump is run dry, then without the cooling liquid, its bearings may outside their temperature limits and be damaged.

Price: $17.95