Arduino programming and hardware questions answered

A surprising amount of my Arduino project building business comes from people who have an urgent project and got in way over their head. They’ve selected components, maybe even purchased them. They’ve started learning about the Arduino ecosystem and begun learning to code.

Then Life Happens. The project has to be pushed back since they don’t have time to learn what they need to, or other issues come up, so they turn to me to redo the job from scratch, or clean it up.

And someĀ people are just stuck on a particular problem and could continue if they became “unstuck.” You can turn to online forums in this case, but they can be hit or miss. Sometimes you get the perfect answer, other times people are rude to newcomers, snarky, make you feel unwelcome, or just give bad info. Also, even when you’ve been told “just Google it,” it’s pretty hard to “just Google it” for something technical like an Arduino sensor if you don’t even know what the search terms would be. Does this sound familiar?

I can help.

I’ll answer your Arduino questions for a set fee. You will receive polite, respectful, and timely help at reasonable rates. Unlike anonymous forums, we have a vested interested in proving useful help and keeping you happy.

As far as rates go, the price is $25 for a single question, $100/week for one question per day or $350/month for unlimited questions. Consider that last rate a retainer, if you will.

An example question would be: “why does this function fail after it’s been running for a while? Or, what’s the difference between all these sensors and which one should I select, and why?”

Now, clearly with the cost of software development being what it is, we can’t write custom sketches at these prices, but we can point out where a sketch is wrong or should be rewritten. If you need help selecting a peripheral like a solenoid valve or a Photomultiplier tube for your Arduino, we’ll do the research for you. If we feel we can’t do your question justice, you will receive a refund.

For some of the more unusual or newer products, we may have to do substantial research, and there are likely going to be a few questions we will have to decline and refund your money because proprietary information that we don’t have access to can be involved. But by and large, I’m sure that the service will help a lot of people be successful with their Arduino projects.

But I feel it’s worth a try. I know there are people that need questions answered who aren’t getting the assistance they deserve.
Click on the button below and it will take you to a payment page for the single, $25 answer. I will respond to your question within 24 hours. I also use this $25 level as my “tip jar.” Sometimes when I help someone online (with no expectation of payment), they are so grateful they’d like to reciprocate, so this works to leave a small payment.

Single Arduino Question

If you prefer, I am also available for more extended help onĀ codementor