Counters with custom serial output

We recently made a modification for a customer that was such a great idea, I thought I’d post it here. They wanted to use our PRT-232 counter with RS232 serial interface but it was needed to interface to a legacy control software package. The software was originally designed to read data from a different serial measuring device. We modified the output of the PRT-232 to provide the text string the control software wanted to see on its serial port and the integration went smoothly.

It was such a useful concept we decided to offer it to anyone who requests. We will now customize any of the output strings the device generates for a nominal charge. That means that on an input switch transition, or specific level, we can output a string. e.g, input 1 goes active, it can send “Pump On” or if it goes inactive “Pump Off”
Or after counting to a certain value, we can output “Limit Reached” etc. It’s only limited by your imagination!

Of course, the normal behavior of the counter is unchanged: it will still count and report data as normal.